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About us

Samtrafiken aims to become industry-leading within public transport data, industry standards and combined travels. We work on improving collaboration and offer information and ticketing solution services for the public transport industry, with the aim of creating joint added value for Samtrafiken’s owners, which benefits both travel operators and travellers.

Our assignment

Samtrafiken is owned by all regional public transport authorities as well as many of the commercial travel operators running a national service. Samtrafiken’s core business includes providing a national infrastructure that coordinates traffic information for the whole country, for example, departure times and stops, as well as combining the transport data from different operators and ticket formats. This gives the organizations that use Samtrafiken’s services the opportunity of selling travel products, both their own and those of others. This way the passengers’ combined travel needs from start to finish, can be packaged in a single purchase.

Qualitative data is the basis for good industry standards. Standards create smooth solutions for combined travel. Samtrafiken and our partners work together to ensure that the countries’ transport operators follow best practice within ticketing and payment standards.

With the service Resplus, Samtrafiken has delivered combined travels in Sweden since 1993. Samtrafiken’s customers are public transport authorities and companies that offer public transport in Sweden. Samtrafiken’s solutions help the owners’ businesses thrive and facilitate strategic partnerships with international organizations.


Ann Bakke

Ann Bakke

Head of Communications and HR

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