About Samtrafiken

Samtrafiken is making public transport smarter and more attractive.

We create added value for the entire sector by linking up all the public and private transport operators, coordinating the entire country’s public transport data and developing and managing ticketing and payment standards. Samtrafiken gives you the opportunity to combine and sell yours as well as other operator´s public transport solutions. Together we reach new heights.

Samtrafiken aims to become sector leader in three key areas: public transport data, industry standards and intermodal connectivity. We build partnerships and provide the public transport sector with data and ticketing solution services designed to create added value for our owners to the benefit of public transport operators and users.

Samtrafiken is owned by all the regional public transport authorities and most of the commercial operators. Our core activities include coordinating nationwide public transport data, such as departure times and stops, and linking up the transport data and ticket formats of the various operators. This enables partner companies, owners and other organisations to sell their own journeys as well as those of other operators and facilitates the packaging of intermodal travel in a single purchase.

Qualitative data is the foundation upon which good industry standards are based, standards that create flexible solutions for intermodal travel. We work closely with our partners to ensure that nationwide operators follow best practices in ticket and payment standards.

Samtrafiken has been at the forefront of intermodal travel in Sweden since 1993. Our customers are companies and public organisations that provide services for public transport and intermodal travel throughout the Nordics. Our solutions help our owners’ businesses to thrive and facilitate strategic partnerships with international companies.