Strong collaboration is a success factor for the development of public transport in Sweden. In order to meet that need, Samtrafiken operates as a collaboration arena for both owners, partners and other stakeholders. The purpose of the collaboration is to, in a cost-efficient way, coordinate the needs of the public transport industry when it comes to unity and development within three different areas; industry standards, public transport data and combined travel.

We offer many different forms of collaboration.


Samverkansforum is a forum where our owners and partners have the opportunity to meet and discuss industry-specific issues within the framework of Samtrafiken’s assignment – in the areas of industry standards, public transport data and combined travel. Samverkansforum is organized twice a year.

Here you can see when the next Samverkansforum will take place.

Project participation

A possibility of actively participating in common development projects, that are run by Samtrafiken on behalf of the public transport industry and our owners.

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Architect forum

A forum for the architects of the industry where collaboration on more technical issues takes place. The areas are public transport data, industry standards and combined travel. The forum meets when necessary and is coordinated by Samtrafiken’s IT architect.

Tailored collaboration when needed

On request from our owners and partners, Samtrafiken can tailor and coordinate collaboration for individual organizations.

Collaboration with parties outside the Public Transport Industry

We take part in several different collaborations where we see that we, with our competence, can contribute to a more data-driven public transport.

Samtrafiken is a part of two different projects that are run by the research institute Rise. One of them is ODIN (Open Mobility Data in the Nordics), which gathers leading and nationally active actors within the Nordics in a joint effort to make available, high-quality open data that stimulates new mobility services. The second project is Koda (Public Transport data lab), whose objective is to create a historical database for public transport data. This is achieved with the support of real time data that is published on Samtrafiken’s transport data portal, Trafiklab.

We also collaborate with Stronger Combined, MobilityData and NOSAD (Network Open Source and Data).


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Ann Bakke

Head of Communications and HR

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