National Distribution and Sales Service

Via Samtrafiken's National Distribution and Sales Service producers of public transport can expose their ticket products ​and make these combinable for all retailers of ground-based public transport in Sweden.

About the project

The new service entails a change in how public transport tickets are distributed compared to today. There will be a shift from a central digital infrastructure to a distributed digital infrastructure, which creates good conditions for continued development of the Resplus ticketing and travel collaboration. The service also enables more secure and to a greater extent validable tickets. This in turn contributes to increased security and secured income for public transport operators.

The new infrastructure is being developed together with Turnit, an Estonian company with experience of standards in the railway industry in Europe. The infrastructure is based on industry-wide standards which will make it easier for Samtrafiken's owners and partners to connect to the new service.

Time plan

Implementation is expected to take place in the fall of 2023. Affected companies in the industry will receive more information and training in advance of what will be required from them. The change brings to some extent new processes and tools when it comes to distributing the company's own product range.



Kajsa Wejander

Project Manager National Distribution and Sales

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