Train Data

The annual train plan is based on timetables for train traffic in Sweden. It forms the basis for the total combined traffic in the country.

Samtrafiken aims to streamline and ensure quality when it comes to collection and updating of traffic data. When the Swedish Transport Administration during 2022 introduced new system support and new routines for the management of the train plan, Samtrafiken initiated the Train Data project.

About the project

The aim is to streamline the handling of train data.

When processes become smarter, the quality of the data will be higher throughout the entire chain, from the initial train plan that today is created by railway companies and the Swedish Transport Administration, to the actual passenger experience for the entire journey. When the project is finished, the data in Samtrafiken's services, such as Resrobot, Resplus and Trafiklab, will be of higher quality.

Time plan

In a first phase, both existing and possible future data flows and solutions have been mapped, with a focus on the annual train plan. In this work, Samtrafiken has had a close dialogue with the Swedish Transport Administration and the upcoming train schedule (T23) will be retrieved from the Swedish Transport Administration's new API*.

Phase two started in the Spring 2022 and includes the updates of train data that take place continuously over the course of a year, for example during construction work on the tracks. The work of updating train data is today very time- and resource-consuming for everyone involved in this work, around 20 train operators. Samtrafiken today receives updates on many different data formats, which generates a lot of manual work. There is therefore much to win by streamlining and automating the processes. Implementation of phase two is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

*Application Program Interface

Reference group

To ensure that the industry's views and questions are considered, the project has a reference group for traffic managers and contractors for passenger train traffic.



Reidar Larsson

Project Manager Train Data

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