Verification system BoB

BoB is a ticket and payment standard that is jointly owned by the public transport industry in Sweden. Samtrafiken runs a project to create a verification environment where you can test how well different systems built according to BoB follow the definitions in the standard.

About the project

The project will deliver a verification environment where you will be able to test how well different implementations of the BoB standard comply to the rules. This environment will enable easier integrations between BoB systems or different parts of a BoB system and therefore keep the integration costs down.

There are two parts in the project. The first part consists of reference system, developed by Samtrafiken, which can be used to test how a BoB compliant system should work. Since the system is built in-house, we have in parallell strengthened our internal competence when it comes to BoB, and by that we are also able to deliver support to others. The reference system is also available to Samtrafiken’s owners as source code.

The second project part is still under development. It consists of a verification framework with a proxy that listens to calls through BoB interfaces and compare these to the definitions in the standard. The result will be a report that can be used to verify that the system you test is compliant to the BoB standard.

Project goals:

  • The ability to test different implementations of the BoB standard to improve interoperability and secure the integrity of the standard.
  • To improve Samtrafiken’s deep knowledge of the standard enabling us to better fulfil our mission to manage the BoB standard.

We expect to finish the project by the summer of 2021 when the results will be turned over to our BoB management.


Johan Hammar

Johan Hammar

Project Manager Verification system BoB

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